Hog Wild Pig Roasts

Wally Moccia say’s .....
UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!, ...the best BBQ ever !!!!!!!..... the food was incredible and the show Dave and his crew put on cooking and cutting up the meat was fun to watch, .... the big inflatable pig and the little pig footballs he brought for the kids was a big hit, great job guy’s can’t wait for the next one !

Alfa Romeo Owners of New England, Columbus Day Pig Roast"
Alfa Romeo owners share a passion for the classic, cultural beauty of the high-performance Alfa Romeo automobile. So it stands to reason that when a group of Alfa Romeo owners recently got together for an outing, not just any barbeque would do. This is why they called Dave Roberto of Hog Wild Pig Roasts. The entire event is taken care of for you. Dave and his crew arrived in the early morning and began stuffing a 65-pound pig with chopped onions, apples, garlic, and other spices. At around 2PM, the pig came off the fire and the food started coming out - and it seemed like it never stopped! While David and Bob carved up the beast, they started us out with barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, cole slaw - and those aforementioned mushrooms! They cut up the pork and pulled it, chopping it up with the onions, apples, and garlic that had been cooked inside and a little barbecue sauce - it was absolutely scrumptious! An unexpected surprise was that all of this was elegantly served and kept warm in large chafing dishes that they had set up. Well done, Hog Wild!"
See full article here: http://www.velocissima.com/archive/Newsletters/2009/11/arrosto/index.html

Boston Globe Food & dining article: David Roberto�s home-built oven gets him fired up

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